My name is Clare Casey.


The essence if who I am is beyond the typical defining qualities of an artist. While many of my skills are still in development, I bring forward my curiosity, creativity, and strong leadership qualities to any space that I inhabit. By using the essence of the inner-child I create by letting go, becoming playful and creating from deep within. I consider myself a practitioner of social artistry before all else. I believe that the ethic of Being starts with our inter-personal and inter-natural relationships with the world around us and our awareness of our connectivity to our surroundings. I have a keen eye and sense for aesthetics, emotional and spacial needs, and systems thinking which allow me to craft and collaborate place-based installations effectively. The magic of my process is within the process itself. I firmly believe in collaboration, ephemerality, and the uniqueness of each individuals interaction and creativity in making an artwork 'successful'. 


Follow me in my writings, visual artworks, and creations of boundless form. I am a freelance designer, inspirational, mover and doer. Whether it be sculpture, drawing, decoration, performance, or crafting curriculum, I engage fully.

My mission:

With the foundations of art, nature and play therapies, in close relationship to land and sustainability based education, I aim inspire and nurture place-based creativity and community consciousness.

My vision:

Engaged, generative and process-oriented communities and individuals equipped critical and empathetic understanding of nature, self, and other diverse surrounding communities.

2010 - present
2010 - present

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