Out of the Box: Project Abstract

November 9, 2017

I woke up out of the dream world with vivid images of art on my mind- I have had reoccurring dreams about an art-institute setting- contemporary but eclectic, stories of rooms, some rigid some relaxed. I was being taught/mentored by Aric and Lucas (AECI instructors) in this dream. I keep having these dreams that have works I have created and making a show out of them, This was a particularly interesting idea


{strange addition was my dad and his Mennonite community, in this fabulous theatre (looked like the Egyptian in Boise, ID) inside the back left of the theatre- waiting for a show to start. It was a lot of moving and shifting, running to-and-fro anticipating something... my dad was wearing a big fur coat, looking regal and fatherly- like a father bear.}


abstract: crawling out of boxes (out of forms that represent a boundary or wall) with an emphasis on legs, feet, and hands. The body forms will be painted in colors, patterns, designs. The piece will have relationships with the space (i.e. the walls, ceilings, floor) and using painting to bring it into and out of the space. The forms were painted with colors that remove them from ideas of race, merely as human bodies. 


Really excited about this dream- I may do a small prototype this weekend.

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