What do you know about resistance?

August 12, 2018



“Missing InForm: Resistance and Resilience in Honduras and the Violence on Environmental Protectors

India Ink, Paper, Mixed Media


The seen and the unseen becomes the felt and the unfelt and vise-versa. In this work I explore the information and storytelling within media in response to acts of violence upon environmental activists in foreign countries and the connection to U.S. Government funding projects and resource exploitations. These topics could grow into hours of discussion. The 3 piece artworks address this in the feeling, interacting with and witnessing of their multi-dimensionality. I aim to provide a space to suspend oneself on the cycle of miscommunications and idea sharing explored in the topics in question.


In March of 2017 Berta Cáceres was assassinated in a safe house she has just moved into. She was 44 years old and she fought to protect the native lands of Honduras from a dam project on the Rio Blanco, a river holding vitality and life for indigenous communties since time immemorial. There are many other complex happenings in this natural region. Berta was participating in dangerous environmental activism to block developmental projects and resource extraction in what is considered among the most high-risk, law and justice lacking areas in the world. Berta Cáceres was the national face of a campaign against a dam on the river sacred to the Lenca People. It is understood from tellings of colleagues, family and friends that Berta knew she would likely be killed, she even prepared her daughter for such an event. She is only one advocate standing up for indigenous, environmental causes who has been assassinated by Honduran police and military. “At least 109 people have been killed for taking a stand against dams, mines, logging, and agricultural projects in Honduras since a military coup there in 2009 installed a government that was quickly supported by the U.S. State Department,” (Fred Pearce, e360.yale.edu).


In my patterns and imagery I explore connection on many levels and symbols of resistance and resilience. Beyond even, I have created provocative images of the people and land affected by violent actions against indigenous lands and communities. The layer of translucent paper is structured and sewn in places like skin. What shealth-veils does the U.S. media and reporting create to omit stories of environmental activism and U.S. government involvement in such violence? The color scale is intentional and dramatized to tell a deeper story. My process was profoundly emotional and allowed me to explore my own place in the unknowns of global media and government involvement in regards to environmental crisis and activism.


For further questions, concerns, corrections, please contact me, I have links for more information on this story. In this work I am not trying to tell an entire story, but to reflect and express my feelings in regards to what I have found, sometimes with great difficulty, from trusted media sources.










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