August 18th 2018

August 19, 2018


Today at the museum I was really hurting for the children. I wish I could do whatever I could to relieve the pain. to have a 

v o i c e 

to speak up... in those moments where someone 

n e e d s

you and their

s p i r i t

is asking you but you are not prepared nor do you have the 

a u t h o r i t y

to do something about it. it is

t o o B I G

to address the rotting roots. to gaze inside the dark soils right below the

b r e a k i n g  s u r f a c e

watch out for your grief and give it attention before

it's    t o o  l a t e    and you are  angry  .   Be

c a r e f u l

not to make it personal... it is BIGGER than you or them or us

and h a t e is the opposite of the l o v e that needs you to grow for




        F A T H E R S

who know nothing else than what they've experienced

h e r e.

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