Museum Moments in a Muddled Mind

August 25, 2018

I am coming to terms with the idea that


Every person is serving their purpose: Now

No sport player, media analyst, suburban father, mother, house cat is doing what they are not supposed to be doing

Doing is an action

of creating

It is already


because that is was needs to happen

To keep things

Operating? Running? Effective machinery...

Pardon me

Now I am over-thinking the under-lying questions of

What are we suppose to do


In action

To propel change

I see!

Change is inevitable and will happen

Without you wiggling a damn toe, or blinking an eye or thinking a thought

All you can do is wiggle that toe (or whatever you do) and enjoy it or not (that's okay, too. Just try our best not to let that hinder another's enjoyment)

Seriously? Seriously.

it may not be as hard

As I thought

Even in the pain

Feeling it happen


It doesn’t really matter what they are doing

It only matters what you are or what you are not


What you are or are not



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