September 16, 2018


My own body and mind isn't as hard as one may think 


Others body's and mind's isn't as hard as you may think

It's not hard because it happens so seemingly


One moment your looking at someone, intent on listening to their ideas, feelings, perceptions

but they are morphing, without really noticing at first, into an object of desire

or of (idea)L 

or some place you dream to connect to... but you can't always connect because


you are you 

they are them

we are together



That, too, is "one way of looking at it"

It's damn awkward

Hiccups during speeches

Everyone cringing, "Remember to breathe" 

"Don't show how uncomfortable they are making you"


I created myself today and I still am working on the form

It's a process you see

I'm sort of a perfectionist


I'm sort of totally re-shaping everything eventually because 

sometimes I feel like I just don't love it all the same anymore

I changed and so did my form.

Look at me though

A sculture on a pedestal

or broken into pieces sinking into the earth

No one really noticed anyway

did they? 

They don't read

But they appreciate community and creating things

I asked myself if reading was what would save the world...


Would it? Would just learning the patience of reading a book help us to 

listen a little closer? Or maybe we already are 

it just looks a bit different than we expected

I assumed the worst and the best in people today. 

I felt myself fashioning a shield of fronds, covering up my delicate private parts

I even contemplated plucking my nipple hairs

I also just sat quietly and listened

Free bleeding my soul onto a blank page












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