September 20, 2018

protectors of coastlines


emerging from breaks in the vast aqueous blanket


if you look into the blur of the horizon you'll see where she creates the universe

you won't sea until you go 

there, where the whales are

in pods of 2, 3, 10 and their dolphin friends


I stand on the edge arms open

"I can speak whale!"

"wooaaaa shooouuu muuuuaaaaa cooo cooo roooow"


I imagine they can hear me

so they do


breaking the surface where my eyes deceive me in rolling blue bulges

bringing my wildest dreams to life with shimmering speckled backs and breaching tails

woven in threads of foam

my mind dives in and we float off together


in peace

to the horizon

where the blur marks the edge of her universe


And where I am free




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