Body Concepts: mind / body con-Fusion

September 24, 2018

I wonder what would happen if I knew who I was?

I wonder what would happen if I knew my body?

What if I told you I didn't feel quite myself

from your point of view


How do we teach developing humans about their sexual bodies? Their sensual bodies? Their expressive bodies?


I am confused when I

want to be a pretty boy 

or a handsome girl


And can't feel full enough as either or even a balance between the two. Why is that?


When I look at him do I want to be him or be with him?

When I look at her do I want to be with her or be like her?

When I see them do I admire or desire? Who are they and how can I be like them?


so I can be with him

so he will want to be with me

so she will want to look nice for him

so I can find a place to just BE

As them

as us

                                                    together and                            apart


all of them

they all seem to know but do they

I don't 

so I can't quite say... or feel.


That's okay. On the other side I'll see, and say, and feel.


Just to know: I'm confused too.

I'm confused to be beautiful.

I'm confused to feel confident.



I'm confused when I don't.





Maybe that's the magic... in the liminal place of confusion. Where my mind is a fusion. A flower. Equal possession. Expression. Connection. I suppose this is all just a process of re-inhabiting the space between the two because you deserve to be more than one, more than two but to feel what it's like to be it all. Why do I feel so confused? Where in gender roles and body conformities do we teach confusion, loss, and abandonment from our own self-knowing?















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