Scattered Pieces A'Wandering

October 16, 2018


To tide me over, here are all the notes from my journals / phone notes: 



o Urban screenshots of locations I have been, photo series

o Instead of "I'll think about it" ----> "I'll feel into it"

o Earth Centering Culture

      o What are the relationships to childhood education?

o What makes a man? What makes a beautiful man? What makes a trustworthy man?

o We are an ecosystem, we connect to Earth to pull it {feelings, shadows of the subconscious, trauma} up to the surface to be decomposed. She knows.

o Getting out of the way- I entered trance through dance. I found the beauty of me.

o Imaginary Friends, the characters of your mind and archetypes of 'consciousness' 

      o How is the child in relation to these, where are they visible in their actions?

o Forget you not the Middle, where the water lies.

o Flow (sacred feminine) Force (sacred masculine): gifts of meeting in the middle, they are Created in service to each other. Balancing.

o Transpersonal: What is it?


o I feel oppressed by the Grant that I can't have fun, have a drink, or meet people that aren't "alligned with why I am here" (I DON't EVEN KNOW WHY I am HERe!?)

o Decolonization starts from the inside out

      o self-care and healing is all you can do to for now. You are ENOUGH

      oWalter Migdalo


o  My life is a practice of art

    a constant finding of

    an aesthetic a vibe a style


o I AM seeing flashes of my multitude in creative self but I am scared of my potential (a process). I am bringing my truth without hiding my journey. 

o You don't have to be seen by them. See you. Feel present in you.


o Global youth mono-culture? Social media and boundaries

o A strip club next to a church

o We are Chemical Beings: topics on body dysmorphia and labelling... their effects on emotions = chemical reaction in body = sensual experience that can be perceived internally and externally (reflections in people or mirrors)

o  Puberty and gender queerness

o Crush mechanics

o  Sensual & Sexual body language journeys. Learning from natures expressions.

o  Saying "No" is saying "Yes" to yourself.


o I am scared to have fun in the traveller spaces / hostels and I haven't been to a bar


HEy cLaRE:

o Write to art centers

o  Prioritize and write out your interests. Where do you find clarity in purpose/intention so far? Weekly list making.

o festival volunteering? (Am I running away?) 

o How to give back to community as an artist

o are constellations different on this side of the planet? (time?)


Ending October 16th, 2018












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