The Fantoms of Mother Tree : A Fantasy

December 14, 2018

Sit with me and reach inside the knots of limbs

Cut back years ago

Before you were born

Calloused and grown over

Push deeper

I want to feel where I have been hurt

Stolen from or in my own handing over

Even if it hurts me more

I want to know why it happened

I want to understand the shapes of my own cast shadow


Why they came to weave stories of higher purpose, slashing my willowing flora

With metal and horsepower

For added pleasure

So eloquent I wanted to be a part of the very  story

Bigger than myself


I ask

Fuck me deep into the decomposing Earth

Where my minerals and deposits fill up my strong trunk

Flowing juices

Sap, the essence of eternity

Atomic nectar released in a single moment Ecstasy

Like in the spring rain


Fuck me

Love me

Open up what my roots so selfishly lap up when it’s cold

So the tongues of my sky eyes can shimmer and gleam

I can shelter you from a storm of my own Creation


Hold me and climb me whenever you please

I am strong enough for you

These scars are only on the surface now

Grown over or chewed off

Peel away my bark to find a surface so smooth

Your eyes overflow and water me through your mouth













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