Child Medium: Spirit of Letting Go (Vol. 1)

March 3, 2019

Medium... A bridge between the hidden imagination and the expression that emerges out of it. A messenger between spaces: the seen and unseen. These are unique to me though... They have given me space outside of my perfectionism, my vigilant and critical line-making and have thrown me deep into what is truly going on, both inside and all around me. 


I began this project out of pure therapy. I was inspired by therapy sessions and my study of expressive arts as a powerful healing modality. I started to draw, at random with my left hand (my non-dominant hand) with a single intention: Allow the inner child and the shapes in my mind to show themselves to me. I became a medium between some past expression brought fourth into my present reality, where I often found myself lost. I was struggling to interpret my feelings and reactions with my mind (no duh!!!) And this ecstatic and liberating practice has shown me something truly special.


One hour or less per drawing. Each piece holds time and space. They are boundless and my experience making them cannot be described with words. They can be rotated and gazed at for hours and even I won't fully see or understand them...that's what is humbling about the spirit of creation , the spirit of the child. 

They emerged from hands that hold much more than colors, but memories and stories of the land I made them on, the feelings they evoked, and the expressions of "Clare" that are often stifled by my over-critical mind. My art had become a weight, leaving pages unfinished and thoughts in a spiral... I started to loose my Love. I attribute much of it to the commodification and competitive nature of the arts industry... It can hold our true expressions back and force us to assimilate our creativity to meet a standard fashioned to make money, popularity, and artistic "success" the primary goal. This is all based from my experience though, I cannot speak for anyone else. 


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