Support The Salish Sea Bioregional Marine Habitat

The Salish Sea is considered a place of more permanent residence. With any of my capital earnings, I donate 20% to a student run and organized club out of Bellingham, Washington, Students for the Salish Sea. The contemporary place-named, Bellingham is the traditional territory of the Lummi and Nooksack peoples and is un-ceded territory (stolen land) under the Point Elliot Treaty, Cension 347. It is our shared responsibility to the land to preserve, protect, educate and nurture relationships with each other, and most importantly the indigenous people who have lived on the land pre-colonizer arrival.


To know more about the land you're currently on, please go to the website:

By supporting Clareity Expressions and Students for the Salish Sea, you are enhancing the health of a diverse bioregional marine ecosystem that many communities have relied upon and continue to rely upon to this day. 

Vision: We envision a diverse and healthy biological and cultural watershed of The Salish Sea

Mission: We are a student-led organization that works to protect and restore the health of the transnational ecosystem- The Salish Sea

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